Kieran Colville

Managing Director, UK

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Kieran has over 18 years of experience in change management, employee engagement, and internal communications. He specialises in change strategy, culture change, employee value propositions and leadership alignment. He has worked globally across a range of industries, including engineering, technology, healthcare and financial services. ​

Recently, Kieran has supported a large energy engineering organisation to shift ways of working to be more digital and data-led, and support its journey to decarbonisation.  He has also been working with the UK leadership team of a global industrial and electronic products supplier to help them lead change and be an effective team. He is currently supporting a global automotive parts manufacturer to define its purpose, vision, mission, culture and employee value proposition, to enable growth and competitiveness.​

​ Prior to United Minds, Kieran spent six years in a leadership position at another change consulting firm.  Prior to this, Kieran held a leadership position at a global technology and services firm, Kenexa, through its sale to IBM; and then helped to develop and launch IBM’s Smarter Workforce offering. ​

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