Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I is about people. Unlocking potential. Igniting creativity. Improving not only experience, but outcomes.

Our data-backed, culture-centered approach to advancing DE&I is focused on driving meaningful change for the employees, customers and communities our clients serve.

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Where we can help you

Our team can help you to benchmark your current DE&I programs, design DE&I strategies to prioritize impact and support culture and change management activities to achieve your DE&I goals while minimizing risk to your brand.

Our areas of expertise

At United Minds, we know that successful organizations embrace DE&I as a business imperative. We take a bespoke approach to designing programs that will support companies and leaders on their DE&I journeys.  

  • Insights

    We work with you to understand the internal and external realities that impact every person your organization touches. Through a combination of peer and industry research and our proprietary DE&I Benchmark, we diagnose your current state and pinpoint risks and opportunities

  • Strategy

    Our quantitative and qualitative insights will help inform a broader DE&I strategy by zeroing in on the actions that matter from designing and implementing new policies to defining and embedding behaviors to addressing underlying issues.

  • Operations

    The organizational structure is a key component of making DE&I change a reality. Working with senior DE&I leaders, we assess the structure to ensure the company has the right resources – business resource groups, DE&I Counsels, critical roles and budgets – in place to achieve success.

  • Communications

    Changes mean little if they are not effectively communicated. We work to build belief in the new DE&I strategy, creating DE&I narratives that reflect the current situation and future vision, using authentic storytelling to motivate and inspire.

Our other expertise

We’re interested in how human connection can make for better business from the inside out. Check out how we can help unlock the potential of your people to transform your organization.