Employee Experience (EX)

Employees can make or break an organization.

The past few years of unprecedented change have proven that employees are an organization’s #1 stakeholder – and asset. Their experience influences their ability and willingness to drive value for the business. And while satisfied employees advocate on your behalf, unsatisfied employees can quickly become activists. Finally, losing talent for the wrong reasons is expensive: replacing an employee can cost 30% to 400% of their salary depending on their level.

In recent research, we asked what matters most to employees – globally, at all levels, across demographics and job types. The answers pointed to a universal set of needs, needs that guide the way we help clients assess and improve the employee experience, develop Employee Value Propositions and articulate Employer Brands.

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What we know

Our recent EX research uncovered a critical insight: employees are eager to make a positive contribution to the business. They are increasingly moving away from a purely contractual relationship with their employer, and toward a relationship that includes commitments on both sides – to a positive environment, to wellness, to inclusivity and to flexibility. That’s why we use a new, proprietary model of employee experience that reflects this desired compact.

How we can help

Each of our EX solutions is rooted in what we’ve learned about employee preferences and executed in close collaboration with diverse, cross-functional client teams. This results in strong alignment around concrete actions to improve the EX, increase retention rates and create a healthy talent pipeline.

  • nexus Diagnostic

    Our diagnostic helps organizations measure and benchmark their employee experience, identifying “hot spots” across populations in a segmented way. We take a bespoke approach by either analyzing existing client data or fielding our short survey. From there we work with clients to build a roadmap for addressing any gaps.

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP):

    Using our research-based approach, we start with employee input, competitive analysis and emerging trends to design an EVP that is relevant now and into the future. What’s more, we create EVPs that do more: each one is designed as a “mutual compact” between the organization and its employees, and identifies the behavioral and culture changes required to live the EVP and make it stick.

  • Employer Brand

    Our Employer Brand work takes its inspiration from the EVP and expresses the promise to employees in ways that inspire current and potential employees. We then help companies activate their brand, through creatively-driven awareness campaigns and activations both internally and externally.

    In any given engagement, we meet clients where they are. We use some or all of the above solutions as needed and customize outputs and actions given the organizational context. At the end of the day, our goal is to make the employee experience within the walls of our clients more engaging, more connected and ultimately, more human.

What we do

We help organizations proactively plan and adjust, from improving retention and recruitment to increasing satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately creating a safe and positive environment where people can fully contribute and the organization knows what to expect in return.

We look at the full circle for evolving and elevating the employee experience, important in this era’s difficult labor market.


We look at the full circle for evolving and elevating the employee experience, important in this era’s difficult labor market.


Employees want

  • A fair deal at work

    Our research shows that one-third do not feel they are getting a fair deal, whether they are experiencing discrimination, harassment or unequal pay.

  • To give

    Employees want the motivation to contribute, with a value-based purpose for doing so.

  • To get

    For their hard work and loyalty, employees want appreciation, as well as a flexible and balanced schedule.

  • Fun

    Fun doesn’t mean the workplace is a one giant party, but making meaningful contributions should not be boring.

  • Authenticity

    Now more than ever, employers need to portray themselves accurately, both internally and externally.

Our other expertise

We’re interested in how human connection can make for better business from the inside out. Check out how we can help unlock the potential of your people to transform your organization.