Leadership Impact

“It starts at the top” is one way of looking at it. But leadership is also the foundation and the structure that holds together an organization, setting, living and sustaining a company’s vision.

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A successful change journey depends on an aligned, committed and capable leadership team that champions the change through word and deed.

Where we can help you

United Minds works with organizations on many aspects of leadership, from transitions to change management. It’s about understanding the leadership role in each initiative and determining the best way to hone or unleash it.


Leadership Services

Are your leaders prepared to guide employees on the transformational journey? The answer is oftentimes no. That’s where we come in. We help your organization’s leaders prepare for any scenario, so they can hit the ground running.

  • Leadership Transition

    As part of any transformation journey, the first step is often introducing new leadership. We help these individuals build trust and confidence with key stakeholders during the critical First 100 Days and beyond.

  • Leadership Alignment

    Alignment doesn’t happen overnight. It’s built. With our team of seasoned session designers and facilitators, we create consensus-building experiences for leadership teams, breaking down barriers and driving mutual understanding and commitment. The result is a cohesive team with an aligned vision and motivation.

  • Change Management Training

    Our bespoke change management curriculum is based on theoretical truths and hard-earned practical insights, but is tailored for the organization’s needs. It can be delivered in-person or virtually.

  • Manager Enablement

    Too often managers are asked to carry through a change vision they don’t believe in. Employees can see through this, halting progress before it even gets started. United Minds inspires commitment at this critical level through individualized learning and engagement experiences and with tools that empower managers to engage their teams.

Our other expertise

We’re interested in how human connection can make for better business from the inside out. Check out how we can help unlock the potential of your people to transform your organization.