Maria Luiza “Malu” Devesa


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I am Public Relations graduated from Cásper Líbero and passionate about communication. I have always been very connected to communication and culture, aspects that supported me in my professional choice.

In college I developed projects for private organizations and the third sector, being the course conclusion work, for a logistics startup. These activities were essential for me to develop a multilateral vision, the ability to understand different scenarios and how Public Relations can support different contexts.

During graduation, I worked at Blue Ocean, an executive events company, on the strategy team. There, I was responsible for talking to market experts in specific segments in order to identify relevant and strategic topics for the events.

Then, I supported some companies with content and visual materials for social networks, mainly focused on Instagram.

Here at United Minds, I am responsible for serving Nespresso Brasil (planning, channel management and daily account monitoring). In addition, I am pursuing a postgraduate degree in Business and Administration.

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