Supporting your people

Company culture is a collective agreement on how work gets done. Strong cultures fortify organizations against market, generational and societal changes as well as ethics and compliance issues. They provide a shared belief system and roadmap for decision making. 

A clearly defined culture, supported by a corporate purpose and set of values, is the “north star” in today’s unpredictable environment. Organizations that lack a strong culture, or cultivate a culture built on bad practice, will flounder.

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Where we can help you

From strategy to execution, we have a proven methodology for evolving organizations’ ways of working in this era of rapid business, social and cultural transformation.   

Our areas of expertise

Drawing from our roots in shaping consumer opinion and behavior, and grounded in truths about organizational psychology and human behavior, we help organizations to: 

  • Diagnose their current culture 
  • Define or evolve their purpose, values and behaviors to support transformation objectives  
  • Align leadership and set up structures to support cultural governance 
  • Address policies and processes that are roadblocks 
  • Drive organizational and individual behavior change  
  • Track behavior change and progress towards transformation objectives 
It’s time for companies to seek greater self-awareness, to pause and ask themselves, ‘What about our culture is putting us at risk?”

Diagnosing and addressing culture risk

We take a three-prong approach to cultural vigilance, based on decades of our research and experience on the frontlines of corporate crises. 

  • CultureCheck

    We start with a simple survey to assess a company against the six factors most predictive of cultural issues. These include high-pressure environments, poor behavior at the top, lack of accountability, inadequate investment in people, unclear ethical standards, and lack of DE&I. By identifying your cultural vulnerabilities before someone else does, you have a starting point for change. 

  • CulturePrep

    Next, we use scenario planning, developing crisis playbooks and tailoring our Firebell crisis simulation tool to your known cultural issues. The response strategies are always customized to address your unique corporate vulnerabilities. We hope you’ll never have to use any of the tools, but you’ll be ready if you do.

  • CultureShift

    While we’re preparing you for the worst, we help you change for the better. Using our culture change methodology, we focus on targeted interventions grounded in behavioral science. We build belief, align incentives and upskill your people to produce lasting behavior change. 

    Learn more about why Cultural Vigilance is a corporate imperative in our insights report. 

Our other expertise

We’re interested in how human connection can make for better business from the inside out. Check out how we can help unlock the potential of your people to transform your organization.