Casey Lackey

Associate Principal

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As an industrial organizational (IO) psychologist, Casey possesses the unique perspective of applying psychology to improve performance in the workplace. She contributes to an organization’s success by understanding and measuring human behavior to improve employees’ satisfaction in their work, increase employers’ ability to select and promote the best people, and make the workplace better for those who work there.

Casey brings a distinctive set of skills in organizational effectiveness, leadership and employee development, performance management, change management, competency modeling, learning facilitation, and job analysis. Her motivation and passion to create a positive workplace environment makes her an invaluable asset to the firm’s clients.

She acts as organizational development liaison and advisor to the organization’s leadership to diagnose problems, set company goals, then create programs to meet those goals by incorporating behavioral science to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. Implements and oversees programs that increase efficiency, strengthen employee knowledge and abilities, improve leadership and maintain the overall health of the company. Casey holds a Doctor of Psychology in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Casey Lackey, Psy.D., CMS | LinkedIn

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