Amanda Mesquita

Senior Associate

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Amanda arrived at United Minds to work for the São Paulo team, with clients who have admirable challenges to overcome.

Her professional experience of almost two decades is fully immersed in internal communication, in the tactical part even. She spent ten years working in a refinery, with over 10k employees to attend. There, she promoted the most diverse actions with the internal public, also reconciling institutional actions with the communities. She put forward new approaches as changes in organizational culture arrived and discovered her talent for connecting people, as well as making great friends – who are in her life to this day. 

Within her career, she has also helped clients from large private ports in Brazil to structure the corporate communication area, participating from routine projects, like creating new channels, till the most complex campaigns, and even actions with the government. She always has a strong enthusiasm to build new communication strategies, with a lot of planning and teamwork. And this is a great highlight in her profile, the great interpersonal relationship she always demonstrates. 

Her natural knack for empathy with people from the most diverse cultures and realities, embraces everything and everyone, and is her personal signature. Amanda is that type of professional with active listening and willingness to always learn new points of view. She is calm about resolving conflicts and interested in finding innovative solutions. In pandemic times, she had the satisfaction of recreating her professional trajectory, dedicating herself to free courses on the online platforms of universities. One of the most disruptive for her was about Happiness at Work. With that in mind, she directed efforts to integrate this purpose into her life and career.

Her academic training was at the Catholic University of Santos, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, with a major in Journalism.

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