Navigating change in uncertain times.

Your people. They’re your most important stakeholder, especially now. The way you treat and inspire them will have an enormous impact on workforce loyalty and corporate reputation for years to come.

The confluence of a global pandemic, economic crisis, and racial justice movement has exponentially accelerated the need to consider workplace culture as a business imperative. United Minds’ people-first, data-backed approach can help you transform to meet this moment and align action to values to drive meaningful change. We apply this approach to engage employees in a variety of ways, from planning for workforce re-entry to designing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

Ultimately, we’re here to help you ensure you keep prioritizing the needs of your employees by building an inclusive, sustainable and purpose-driven business.

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Transformation. Transformed.

Transformation is an imperative for leaders today, yet over 75% of significant change efforts fail in the long run.

Why? Leaders don’t model the right behaviors, stakeholders aren’t bought in and employees don’t know what’s in it for them.

That’s why we approach transformation differently. Aligning leaders around a shared direction. Engaging stakeholders in the journey. And changing hearts and minds to power the way.

It’s the bigger impact that’s made when strategic know-how is united with creative action. Transformation transformed.

Here’s how.

Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Does your culture empower diverse backgrounds and perspectives?

Building an environment where all people have agency to contribute leads to greater innovation and employee engagement, while at the same time protecting companies from risk.

DE&I Audit and Action.  Our approach to addressing structural inequities starts first with increasing organizational self-awareness. Through a comprehensive diagnostic, we identify the qualitative (perceptions, beliefs, behaviors) and quantitative (systems, processes, offerings) drivers and measures for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. We can then work with you to get quickly to action, from creating safe spaces for employees, to identifying credible commitments, to resourcing task forces for success.

Chief Diversity Officer Advisement. The first of their kind in many companies, CDOs are often starting from scratch. Our seasoned advisers help them make the business case for diversity and inclusion, secure resources, build their teams and craft a change agenda.

DE&I Strategy and Communications. Becoming a credible voice in championing DE&I requires a continued commitment to addressing systemic issues both internally and externally. No matter where you are on your journey, we work with you to build an insights-based strategy for achieving meaningful progress and to communicate your vision through effective storytelling. Learn more about our comprehensive approach. Learn more

Shift Culture

Does your culture support your transformation strategy?

A strong culture that promotes shared values and ways of working helps improve business performance and acts as a north star in times of crisis. Whatever your business goal, our CultureShift offer helps ensure your culture is working for, not against, you.

Culture Assessment. Our team of organizational psychologists and ethnographers gather insights through observation, focus groups, textual analysis and much more to “diagnose” your culture type and understand the variance between the culture you have today and the one you want for the future.

Culture Transformation. Through leadership sponsorship, communications, training and aligned incentive systems, we help companies evolve their cultures to support their business goals. Our work has helped organizations become more collaborative, more innovative, more inclusive, more compliant, and much more. ​

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Organization. Today, making a difference has become as important as making a profit.  The United Minds team helps organizations define, articulate, and embed purpose into change strategies, processes, decision-making, and culture.

Align, Engage & Prepare Leaders

Are leaders prepared to guide your organization on its transformation journey?

As they say, “it starts at the top.” A successful change journey is dependent on an aligned, committed and capable leadership team that champions the change through word and deed.

Leadership Transition. New leadership is often brought in as the first step in a transformation journey. We help these individuals build trust and confidence with key stakeholders during those critical First 100 Days and beyond.

Leadership Alignment Sessions. With a team of seasoned session designers and facilitators, we create consensus-building experiences for leadership teams, breaking down barriers and driving mutual understanding and commitment.

Change Management Training. Whether delivered in-person or virtually, we design a tailored change management curriculum based on theoretical truths and hard-earned practical insights.

Manager Enablement. Too often people managers are asked to cascade a change vision they don’t believe in themselves. United Minds inspires commitment at this critical layer through tailored learning and engagement experiences, and tools that empower managers to engage their teams.​

Integrate Following a Merger or Acquisition

How will you bring two organizations together as one?

Over 80% of mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their forecasted value. Smart communications and a robust change management program can make the difference. United Minds maintains a customized, integrated and global team of experts to support clients through company mergers and beyond.

Stakeholder Engagement. To drive broad understanding and alignment about the integration, we help clients develop a holistic stakeholder engagement plan that includes both internal and external stakeholders, including media and analysts.

M&A Change Management. Drawing on our team of former management consultants and internal communicators, we help clients assess change readiness, drive leadership alignment, equip managers and ensure continued employee productivity throughout the transaction and the transition.

M&A Cultural Assessment. Our culture diagnostic allows us to identify cultural similarities and differences between the two companies, and potential risk areas, early on. Through culture visioning workshops, we support leadership in defining the future culture of the combined organization and measuring progress towards achieving it.

Change Champion Programs. By identifying and training a network of employee influencers, we help build support for the combined organization and its vision through bottom-up advocacy.

Corporate Identity & Branding. We support clients in defining the new entity’s vision, mission, values and brand – a critical step in introducing the new organization to stakeholders and building shared identity.

Reorganize or Restructure

How will you minimize disruption and sustain engagement?

Flat organizational structures, shared services models and outsourcing are replacing traditional corporate structures. While the goal is efficiency and cost reduction, these structural changes have human implications.

Change Readiness Assessment. Through a proprietary tool, we ensure companies have the necessary alignment, governance structures, infrastructure and tracking mechanisms in place before change begins.

Change Management. We consider the impacts to individuals at each stage of the restructuring and provide the communications, training and support they need to successfully transition to the new state.

Difficult Conversations Training. Restructuring often involves team realignment, role changes and moves to different work locations. By design, our customizable curriculum empowers managers to handle the implications with confidence.

Agile Go. Because today’s challenges demand a more real-time, adaptive approach to managing change, we’ve designed a people-centered approach to agile change management.​

Strengthen Employer Reputation

Are you able to attract the talent you need to get where you’re going?

Research shows that finding and retaining the best talent is a top priority for senior leaders today. By immersing ourselves in your corporate brand strategy, desired employee experience and internal ecosystem, we help you define what makes the company a best place to work and promote it through targeted recruitment marketing.

Employer Reputation Audits. Drawing on our industry-leading analytics capabilities, we apply consumer sentiment and behavior tracking tools to understand what current and former employees are saying about you and how you show up online.

Employer Brand Development. Through extensive research with current employees, prospects and alumni, we help you develop a distinctive employer brand that is substantiated by data, HR programming and current employees. When activated through creative campaigns and omni-channel marketing, it improves job attraction and retention rates.

Employee Experience Alignment. If promises your company makes don’t match what people experience after they join, you lose credibility. This exposes you to employee turnover and risks the company’s reputation. Through a comprehensive gap analysis, we help organizations align what they say with what they do. ​