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    The last three years have tested organizations in ways previously unthought of. In fact, it could be argued that the job description for C-Suite Leaders has been rewritten entirely; focusing on running a successful business today means being able to understand –and engage with –an ever-growing list of stakeholders on issues related not only to operations but broader impact. And employees have solidified their position at the top of this list.

    In the fall of 2022, United Minds partnered with KRC Research to survey over 100 global executives on their 2023 priorities in order to understand how leaders are navigating these new expectations. Separately, KRC Research polled 500+ working adults across America on current events and on-going trends impacting the workplace, including perceptions of leader performance.

    The results of these polls have significant implications for the mutual compact between employees and employers as they continue to navigate future uncertainty, and especially in the context of defining future ways of working. 

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    Forward to Work