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    Gender Equality in the Executive Ranks: A Paradox

    The case for improving women's access to C-level positions has never been stronger. Not only does research confirm that companies with more women in senior executive positions report stronger financial performance, but the reputational and brand advantages are also significant. Yet, although seven in 10 global executives of both genders think it's important that the universe of female CEOs expand, the number remain very small: Just 5% of U.S. FORTUNE 400 and 4% of FTSE companies are run by women. On a global basis, just 9% of CEOs and managing directors are women. At Weber Shandwick, we wanted to know how people who run global companies view this paradox, where they believe impediments lie and how they envision moving forward. To get some answers, Weber Shandwick and KRC Research sponsored a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence United (EIU) in the spring of 2015 to produce a comprehensive global study…