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Nida is a Senior Manager at United Minds who focuses on employee engagement projects surrounding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, responsible business and leadership transformation.

Prior to joining United Minds, Nida worked in various change-focused roles at NatWest Group – most recently, in The Embedding Purpose Team within Sustainable Banking. Nida worked with stakeholders across NatWest Group to cultivate the behaviors, culture and conditions needed for the organization’s purpose-led strategy to come to life. Nida also worked on developing an impact measurement strategy for NatWest Group, and is interested in helping more organizations measure and communicate their impact across society to ensure they are honest, accountable and trustworthy.

Nida has a BsC IT Management for Business from The University of Manchester, focusing on bridging the gap between technology and business to manage digital changes effectively.

At United Minds, Nida is interested in helping organizations be a positive contributor to society, by leveraging talent as changemakers to create a positive impact that is felt beyond the business. 

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