A mutual compact for the future of work.

Today’s organizations are experiencing continuous, unprecedented change. From how, where and even why work gets done, to shifting expectations around the need for physical, mental and emotional safety, we’ve seen a need to redraw the employee-employer compact.

We help organizations to proactively plan and adjust, from improving retention and recruitment to increasing satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately creating a safe and positive environment where people can contribute based on their potential.

Redefining the Employee/Employer Relationship for 2021 and Beyond. We asked ourselves: in the face of unprecedented change, how can we best establish a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and employers? In our Contribution Effect report, we share our findings on what it will take today and in the future to keep employees satisfied and retain them.

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Our Employee Experience Solutions

nexus Diagnostic

Employees of all levels have a role to play in creating a positive and productive workplace. Our nexus diagnostic helps companies to measure and benchmark employee experience, identifying “hot spots” in a segmented way across populations. We then work with clients to build a roadmap for addressing those gaps.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Our research-based approach allows us to tap emerging trends, employee and candidate input and competitive activity to design a best-in-class EVP that is relevant both now and into the future.

Mutual People Compact

Driving home the employee compact requires looking beyond what’s in it for employees, but also looking at what’s in it for the company. If the company promises its employees a superior experience, then what should it expect in return? We address the intersection of experience and values with the mutual compact.