Cultural Vigilance

Corporate culture: asset or liability?

Culture is increasingly at the heart of today’s biggest scandals, from #MeToo allegations to financial mismanagement and beyond. Often seen as a company’s most precious asset, culture can quickly become its greatest liability.

Now, more than ever, it’s incumbent on Boards, CEOs and leadership teams to pause and ask themselves: “What about our culture is putting us at risk?”

Cultural Vigilance: A Corporate Imperative. Leveraging findings from our national survey of full-time employees, this report reveals the six factors most predictive of cultural risk and provides guidance on how to build a Cultural Vigilance capability within your organization.

The Cultural Vigilance Suite


This simple survey, grounded in our decades of experience on the frontlines of corporate crises and a national study, assesses companies against the six factors most predictive of cultural issues. It allows you to surface your cultural vulnerabilities before someone else does.


Through scenario planning, crisis playbooks and our Firebell crisis simulation tool, we develop response strategies around your known cultural issues (though we hope we never have to use them!).

At the same time we prepare you for the worst, we help you change for the better. Our culture change methodology is focused on targeted interventions grounded in behavioral science. We build belief, align incentives and upskill your people to produce lasting behavior change.