Navigating change in uncertain times


We see organizations transforming across three phases:

    The onset of the crisis, marked by rapid change, short news cycles and significant tension. Leaders must safeguard the wellbeing of their employees and the health of the business.

  2. RESET
    The moment when curves flatten and leaders prepare to scale operations back up, still facing uncertainty without a vaccine and widespread immunity. Leaders must shift from reactive measures and begin to make medium-to-long-term changes to how, when and where work gets done.

    The resolution of the current crisis, marked by cautious optimism and energy to build anew. Leaders must re-evaluate their organization and make more significant long-term changes to drive performance and resiliency.

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Questions for leaders to address:

  • How do we keep all employees safely working and protect their health?
  • How do we keep our workforce productive and engaged?
  • How do we make and frame tough decisions about layoffs, furloughs, or other financial impacts to employees?
  • How do we address employee concerns and respond to employee activism?

Consider doing the following:

  • Put the needs of employees first
  • Identify risks and begin contingency planning
  • React quickly, but always thoughtfully
  • Tailor communications by generation and role
  • Equip managers to engage in real time, on the front lines
  • Upskill teams to improve remote collaboration
  • Support employees’ desire to contribute to their community and society

Potential Solutions

Crisis playbooks and scenario planning

Leader skill-building and activation

Safety and wellbeing counsel


Questions for leaders to address:

  • How do leaders and managers learn and demonstrate Adaptive Leadership?
  • How do we successfully manage long periods of virtual work?
  • How do we return to workplaces safely?
  • How should leadership communicate any updates to vision, strategy and expectations?

Consider doing the following:

  • Keep networks of teams connected, whether they’re on-site or virtual
  • Be empathetic and give reassurance from leadership
  • Scenario plan in earnest and build contingency plans
  • Communicate “going forward,” not “going back,” to work
  • Ensure all actions are true to your purpose and values
  • Stay agile and flexible; emphasize swift action over process

Potential Solutions

Remote working strategy

Employee activism preparedness


Questions for leaders to address:

  • How do we ensure resilience to protect our company and our people?
  • How must we evolve our employee experience?
  • What aspects of our work, organization and culture do we need to reinvent?
  • Should we refresh our purpose and values?

Consider doing the following:

  • Share and apply lessons learned during the crisis
  • Revisit company purpose and values; ensure they align with desired behaviors
  • Build a culture of preparedness
  • Bake ESG and DE&I into the core of how business gets done
  • Elevate the leaders who rose to the challenge
  • Rethink org design to emphasize unity and linkages over hierarchy

Potential Solutions

Post-pandemic retrospective and reinvention roadmap

Leader and workforce resilience

Purpose and values refresh

Building cultural vigilance

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