Data-driven, human-led, system-wide

Now more than ever, organizations are being called up upon by employees and consumers alike to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures and workplaces.

At United Minds, we believe that successful organizations will embrace DE&I as a business imperative; an on-going journey requiring a sustained cycle of reflection and reinvention to address risk, improve culture, and ultimately to unlock opportunity. A journey that requires a clear-eyed, data-backed understanding of the current state of DE&I, starting from the inside, out.

Our DE&I Benchmark: To help leaders to assess where they are on their DE&I journey, we have developed a benchmark that identifies critical insights and key drivers of employee perceptions of DE&I.

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The Code+ify Approach


Using benchmarked data to understand the external and internal realities that impact every person an organization touches, from employees, to customers, to communities.


Shaping a plan to address these insights in the short- and long-terms; based on action, tied to business objectives and designed to protect against risk.


Assessing organizational structure to ensure the right resources are in place to achieve success.


Inspiring belief in the DE&I strategy through authentic storytelling built on a promise that will motivate internal and external stakeholders to action.